Yagos & Associates

With trust as the foundation we can guide change for individuals, who can change organizations, who can change the world!

Yagos & Associates

Yagos & Associates, is a consulting practice that focuses on change management initiatives to develop and deepen relationships that are built on a foundation of high trust. The most critical challenge facing leaders today is the need to transform the culture of the organization. Employees want to work in an environment that gives their lives meaning. They seek organizations whose vision is aligned with their own and want a values-enriched culture. This culture demands an evolved leadership approach of building relationships on a foundation of high “trust”. We focus on:


  • Building trusting relationships at every level in the organization,
  • Creating a culture of engaged and talented individuals and teams,
  • Coaching leaders throughout the organization to new levels of performance,
  • Delivering keynotes that inspire individuals to change their lives, and
  • Writing books and developing CD’s and DVD’s for onsite programs and training that inspires change.






About the Logo:

Trust is one of the most powerful ingredients in a relationship. It can deepen the relationship by engaging each other to reach new levels of commitment, and yet a very fragile ingredient that can be destroyed in an instant. We believe that trust is built on the pillars of honesty, respect and consideration. If we build trust we can dispel fear and transform individuals and organizations.


Trust inspires leaders and followers!


Our programs provide solutions to organizations to address the issues of talent management, people engagement, and inspiring performance. We use diagnostics and proprietary consulting processes, workshops, executive retreats, team building, coaching for individuals, teams and follow-up support. Our clients consist of many of the Fortune 1000 companies.


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