Tom Yagos

Tom has over 30 years of senior management cross functional experience and shares his visionary thinking with individuals and organizations to meet the challenges and demands for engaging and inspiring the workforce.


After 10 years of research Tom has taken up the cause and calling to teach individuals at every level in the organization to reinstate trust in the workplace. He challenges individuals and organizations to examine their leadership style and poses the question for leaders to answer in how they show up each day, “Am I building trust or creating fear in my relationships”?


Tom’s program enlightens and inspires participants to change their lives both personally and professionally. His life-long vision as a social entrepreneur is to transform the workplace where “trust”, not “fear” is the foundation for all relationships. With trust as the foundation we can guide change for individuals, who can change organizations, who can change the world!


He is a husband, caring parent, compassionate to all, loves life, and a respected speaker, coach, program facilitator, writer, and affiliate faculty in the School of Management at Regis University. Tom enjoys hiking the Colorado 14 ers, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and being with family and friends.

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