Even in the best economic times there are two things on the minds of CEO’s and Boards: increase profits, and sustain market share and competitiveness. How do we align the behaviors, resources, and strategy to accomplish these objectives? Coaching is one of the most powerful skills leaders have for helping individuals and teams to change behaviors. Coaching is about building relationships based on a foundation of trust to improve results and organizational effectiveness. Coaching provides growth for personal development.


Our coaching is both strategic and tactical in working with leaders to help them execute strategy by working with their teams. We build upon the elements of the Fearless Leadership Approach in our coaching process. The approach starts with:


  • The use of individual and organizational assessments, tools and insights,
  • Developing measures to track behavioral changes,
  • Provide tools and techniques that are action oriented,
  • Reporting confidential results to key people, and
  • Creating a level of accountability for results.


Our clients ask us to develop a coaching program for the following reasons:


  • Leadership development,
  • Performance improvement,
  • Succession planning….talent development,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Competencies and skill development, and
  • Strategy implementation.


Our coaching program involves leaders, managers and individuals in this high impact program. More importantly we bring in the values of honesty, respect, consideration to frame trust in relationships that inspires everyone.


Tom---has a working knowledge of the business environment and the ability to understand my level of responsibilities and the ability to help me with change.
- Sr. Project Mgr. Financial Services

Tom---listens to not only the words but the feelings behind the words in working with me.
- Customer Service Mgr. Insurance Company

Tom---thank you for your help with making me a better leader and the new insights into leadership and working with my senior team.
- CEO, Technology Company