The Fearless Leadership Approach

The world environment has created tenuous if not perilous barriers to organizational effectiveness. The old paradigms of leadership are no longer effective. Leaders today are navigating in the waters of a very complex business environment and must employ a range of interpersonal, conceptual, and strategic skills to keep the organization on a charted course. During times of rapid change when current thinking and actions are no longer effective, the fear of the unknown and failure can be a threat to a leader’s reputation, standing in the organization, and the ability to be creative and innovative.


In Tom’s enlightening and powerful keynote he brings to light how an organization can be paralyzed from a “culture of fear” to one that that is transformed when relationships are built on a foundation of “high trust” with a Fearless Leadership Approach. He provides a new path for leaders to navigate in these uncharted waters by engaging employees at every level, building trust in those relationships, and inspiring employees to new levels of performance.


While fear motivates short term results and performance, trust builds the long term sustainable success of an organization. Trust leads to significant and measurable, individual, team and organizational outcomes. The beacon that guides leaders to:

  • Create a “purpose” that gives the organization meaning and a process to cascade that message downward and outward.
  • Develop and brand a shared set of values and beliefs that guide the organization as it fulfills its’ purpose.
  • Focus on people, customers, and processes in that order.
  • Build a culture based on a foundation of high trust with engaged employees who are inspired by: caring performance, personal growth, and operational excellence.
  • Use skills, competencies, and best practices that build trust at every level in the organization.
  • Recognize the differences between an environment that is built on “trust” versus “fear” and the impact on performance and results.
  • Practice inclusive leadership where leaders at every level have the courage to ask for help and support.
  • Engage the communities where they reside to build partnerships that support the common good.


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Tom makes an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual appeal to not only this generation of leaders but to future leaders to think about leadership from a different perspective
- A Fearless Leadership Approach.