Tom YagosBiography

Tom has over 30 years of senior management cross functional experience and shares his visionary thinking with individuals and organizations to meet the challenges and demands for engaging and inspiring the workforce. After 10 years of research Tom has taken up the cause and calling to teach individuals at every level in the organization to reinstate trust in the workplace. He challenges individuals and organizations to examine their leadership style and poses the question for leaders to answer in how they show up each day, “Am I building trust or creating fear in my relationships”?


Tom’s program enlightens and inspires participants to change their lives both personally and professionally. His life-long vision is to transform the workplace where “trust” not “fear” is the foundation for all relationships. With trust as the foundation we can guide change for individuals, who can change organizations, who can change the world!


He is a husband, caring parent, compassionate to all, loves life, and a respected speaker, coach, program facilitator, writer, and affiliate faculty in the School of Management at Regis University. Tom enjoys hiking the Colorado 14teeners, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and being with family and friends.

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Yagos & Associates

With trust as the foundation we can guide change for individuals, who can change organizations, who can change the world!

Yagos & Associates, is a consulting practice that focuses on change management initiatives to develop and deepen relationships that are built on a foundation of high trust. The most critical challenge facing leaders today is the need to transform the culture of the workplace. Employees want to work in an environment that gives their lives meaning. They seek organizations whose vision is aligned with their own and want a values-enriched culture. This culture demands an evolved leadership approach of building relationships on a foundation of high “trust”. We focus on:

  • Building trusting relationships at every level in the organization,
  • Creating cultures of engaged and talented individuals and teams,
  • Coaching leaders throughout the organization to new levels of performance,
  • Delivering (insert keynote link)keynotes that inspire individuals to change their lives, and
  • Writing books and developing CD’s and DVD’s for onsite programs and training that inspire change.

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Trust is one of the most powerful ingredients in a relationship. It can deepen the relationship by engaging each other to reach new levels of commitment, and yet a very fragile ingredient that can be destroyed in an instance. We believe that trust is built on the pillars of honesty, respect and consideration. If we build trust we can dispel fear and transform individuals and organizations.


Trust inspires leaders and followers!


Our program provides solutions to organizations to address the issues of talent management, people engagement, and inspiring performance. We use [diagnostics and proprietary consulting processes] insert links], workshops, executive retreats, team building, coaching for individuals, teams and follow-up support. Our clients consist of many of the Fortune 1000 companies.


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Our Clients

Yagos and Associates provides a full range of programs and events designed to help leaders create trusting cultures in their organizations. We have earned the trust of many organizations in a variety of industries.

  • Air Methods Corporation
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Centura Hospital
  • Bank of America
  • Exempla Healthcare
  • Hartford Hospital
  • General Electric
  • Sony Products
  • Visiting Nurses Association
  • Many others.


Workshop Reviews


What the Clients have to say!


Centura- St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center

“Fearless Leadership addresses the leadership issues which are contemporary and germane to the development of leadership approaches that will create cultures and a work environment that are necessary in today’s business world. I can highly recommend Tom and the Fearless Leadership approach to leadership development.”

Chief Executive Officer

Air Methods Corporation

“Tom has focused his efforts both strategically, working with the executive team and tactically implementing initiatives across the organization. He has played a significant role by unifying employees at each level with passion, commitment and a high degree of energy to achieve outstanding results in 2011 and 2012.

Tom designed, developed, and facilitated a number of learning initiatives for the regional management teams; from developing high performing teams, building strategic relationships, collaboration and cooperation, managing multiple priorities, developing strategy, and others. Air Methods clients also worked with Tom on several learning and development programs. He also played a role in the integration of the Air Methods culture with a $200 million acquisition in 2011. We are continuing to work with Tom.”

SVP Business Development