Training Programs

Spend THREE days with Tom Yagos and he will help you to achieve breakthroughs:


  • A personal breakthrough that renews your purpose, passion, and values.
  • Learn how to become a fearless leader and transform your life and organization.
  • Develop sustainable solutions to organizational problems.
  • Leadership breakthroughs that will help you to:
        • Create a purpose with passion.
        • Develop a set of core values.
        • Attract, retain, and engage talent.
        • Inspire your colleagues, customers, partners, and community.
        • Create a culture that supports the purpose.
        • Develop greater innovation skills.
        • Deal with uncertainty.
        • Make courageous decisions.
        • Ensure your organization is sustainable.
        • Create a legacy.


When leaders focus on the tenets of becoming a great organization leaders use their skills with a different perspective in mind. They use them to build trust in their relationships. Fearless Leadership provides training initiatives to:


  • Become more self-aware of who they are
  • Resolve conflicts in a collaborative style
  • Developing relationships
  • Building teams
  • Coaching future leaders to transform the workplace
  • Change mastery


Assessment OTI Survey

The Organizational Transformation Index


The Organizational Transformation Index™ (OTI™) uses nine interdependent measures to evaluate the degree to which your organization: a) sees the need for positive change in operational strategies, beliefs, and values that may be barriers to transformation, and b) has the foundation of organizational trust required to achieve organizational and behavioral transformation.
The value of the OTI™ is that it helps to define how pervasive barriers to transformation and the level of trust are using advanced analytics that measure attitudes and beliefs across a work-group, department, or an entire organization. The OTI™ also quantifies what ineffective structures, systems, and culture may be costing you in squandered time and energy – hidden costs that don’t appear in traditional financial accounting systems. The data and information provided by the OTI’s results are designed to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and dialogue between managers and staff members about the need for organizational and behavioral transformation.

Training initiatives are jointly developed that are tailored to your organization. Our program starts out with assessments and the initiatives are built on case studies, action learning and other activities that incorporate the elements of the Fearless Leadership Approach.